Memory Lane


Memory Lane (1)


Here is my submission for 7 Dots Studio challenge for Nov/Dec.  In this layout I used 2 sheets of paper Yuletide Figgy Pudding and Dreamer Collection Sleeper.  I cut the middle of the Figgy Pudding paper out leaving a 1″border, turned the sheet over and used it as the centre bit to the layout adhering it to the Sleeper paper as a backing which I inked with Crushed Olive DI. Then the edges of the centre papers were distressed and torn on the edges.

I used gel medium to adhere a  square doily again in the centre of the centre!  Mesh,  stencils, stamps guaze, beads, metal findings and flowers.  Here are some close ups.

Memory Lane (3)

Bottom right hand corner


Memory Lane (4)

Bottom left hand corner.  Note hand cut out butterflies, these butterflies I got online and printed them out in different sizes on vellum, whenever I am travelling far I carry this baggie around and cut butterflies, I have hundreds now and use them on many of my layouts.  I know you can buy them from certain suppliers but you are limited to the size they produce.  I even cut these butterflies in the airport at Milan whilst we had a 9 hour wait for our flight.  I used jewellery findings from my bead collection.  I am a beader too.  prima lace, a flower from unknown manufacturer, and doily stencil from prima too.


Memory Lane (5)


This is a treasured photo of myself, my mother, grandmother and grandfather.  Please note that my mother and I are wearing dresses made from same material by my mother.

Its not very evident in this photo, but the frame is treated with 2 different colours of Silks and was then sanded and then used some rose gold foil to highlight certain spots on the frame.

I used fine gold machine embroidery thread underneath the frame.


Memory Lane (8)I thought I was quite clever here when I used a key as the sign holder for the lamppost. 😉

Memory Lane (1)Back to the first image again.  I had such fun with this layout, when do I not?  However this is one of the first layouts ever that I have made in under 3 hours!  I usually take forever to complete a layout.  I spent about 1 and a quarter hours just making my own custom made spray, the yellowy colour to match the yellow/lime in the Yuletime Collection.  I made it with a mixture of DI and Primary Elements, I don’t know the recipe, so I wont be able to repeat it, you could call it a limited edition.  The other sprays are LSG sprays.

Hope you enjoyed my post today.  Please leave some love!





4 Responses to “Memory Lane”

  1. Tatyana Says:

    Great work! I love all your details!! Thank you for playing along with 7Dots Studio!

  2. Riikka Says:

    Ooh! Awesome textures! Thank you for joining the 7 Dots Studio challenge!

  3. Fiona Paltridge Says:

    Such a pretty piece. Thank you for joining us over at 7Dots for the “Vintage” challenge xx

  4. Natalya Loi Says:

    This layout is amazing, great job! Thank you for playing along with us at 7Dots Studio! ♥♥♥

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