171 – Yum – for CSI

I just want to share my latest layout for CSI case 171 due for 6th August 2015.  Come and join in the fun, the colours are yummy.

Yum unframedThis was Lilly’s first icecream, she really loved it, by the end of the ice-cream, it was hard to tell just how much shed eaten and how much was on her clothes and hands and arms!  It was so cute to watch.  I wonder if she is going to join the members in the family who LOVE ice-cream?

Here are a few closeups.Yum (7)

These butterflies are printed and hand cut from very thick vellum.  I love them.

Yum (8)

I love the texture that the modelling paste gives with the glass beads, and the way the different colour sprays mix and settle.  I used Clam Back Beige, Rambling Rose and Creme brulee from Lindy’s Stamp Gang.

Yum (9) Yum (10)

The flowers are a mixture of Prima and Wild Orchid with a litte of my own made flowers and re-used resin roses from hairbands.

Yum (12) Yum (13)

The coloured sand is from 13 arts.  Oh I do love their stuff.


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