If... unframed

My latest submission for CSI case number 161.  If……

Scheme : all colours used

Evidence : clocks, wet medium metal, something that flies.

Testimony : I chose this photo of a dying rose that I took some time back, there is such beauty even at its last days of glory.

We should celebrate each stage of our lives, its beginning as a bud shy and innocent, its full bud giving out its scent so evocatively, and even when our petals fall a seed is born and so it lives on.

(not very well written I am afraid but thats what it says)

I found these two poems, of which I extracted a verse from each one to portray the thoughts which I am trying to convey.

Do my eyes decieve what once was a rose?
And by that, does it be a rose no longer?
Adam M. Snow

It was a little budding rose
Round like a fairy glove
And shyly did its leave unclose
Hid in their mossy robe
But sweet was the sight and spicy smell
It breathed from its heart invisible

Emily J. Bronte

If..... (4)

Close ups of the layout showing the torn/fallen leaves from the rose, the clocks indicate the stages of life.

If..... (5)

If..... (6)The stencilling was done with one of Tim Holtz’s stencils, clocks and the rose is from an unknown brand.

Come along and join in the fun at CSI here is the mood board to follow :

161 flat


One Response to “”

  1. Angela Bolton Says:

    Looks great, unusual set of colours but it works well. Love the clock stamps

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