Real unframed

I realised that I gave a sneak peek for this layout and didnt post the whole thing.  This is another layout done for Color Stories Inspiration

I love the colours in this challenge, purples and pinks are my favourite colours to work with. So head on over and give it a bash, you may just surprise yourself.


Real (1)

Here is a few close ups, stamps from Kaisercraft, stencils from Prima and TCW, flowers also from Prima and Petaloo and a few of my own.  I enjoy doodling on my pages so there is a bit of a trellis frame around the photo.  The tag you see sticking out is one of the tags that I play around with before I start my layout.  I usually try out the colours first on a tag and then set about using the combo I best like on my LO.  The paste that I used for the stencills is my own colours mixed in with Shimmerz .

Real (4)

Here you see the opposite corner to the one above.  I have doodled around the contours of the TCW stencil, its one of Kasia’s ones.  The name escapes me at the moment, but its like a large doily.

Real (5)

The bottom corner is decorated with a few blooms and those gorgeous glittery bits from prima.  I love those so much and keep on buying them……….   You can see a little of my doodling again on the left side.  Sometimes when you cant find the perfect stamp doodling is a great alternative because you can fill in the empty spots with it.

My journaling on the tag reads
Something you like about yourself :  always a hard one to do.

I love that I am creative, it feeds my soul. I love that I love people. I love that I make people happy. I sometimes dont love how open I am about letting all my secrets out.
I love that I am Real, there are no pretenses about me, what you see is what you get, warts and all.


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