The Scheme, used all the colours

Evidence, Used plaid, paint, string, tied something, and triangles.

My Testimony reads as follows:
Sun, Sea & Sand!
Liam loves the beach, as soon as he was old enough to say it, thats where he wanted to be.
And he loved to eat sand, a quirk he shares with his Gran. (Okay, I dont eat mouthfuls like he does, I do a finger-tip test);)

Marley – his dog is 18 months old in this photo and as can be seen also got in the act.
Liam was about 7 monmths old in this photo.

I decided to use pp as my base (Lord knows I have enough for 10 lifetimes) I love my trusty sewing machine, which I have had for 33years and it never lets me down. I used black textured paste for the Stencilling, made my own by mixing black gesso with Texture paste, and my own stencil by punching out the anchors on a waste piece of paper. I painted white paint/gesso over the photo mat part. Dyed some gauze with Distress inks and used Artists Acrylic Gel to hold the sand and shells (and dried crab claw :0 ) in place. I have to tell you that I am a terrible hoarder and hate to waste, so behind the back of my big pieces of paper I cut out a frame so the middle piece can be used. Haha, so much paper and still need to save those bits, hate to think of such a huge amount of paper just covered by another piece!
Had enormous fun again with this one.


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