Case File No. 365-5 Having a Whale of a Time

Case File No. 365-5  Having a Whale of a Time

My take on this months challenge.


2 Responses to “Case File No. 365-5 Having a Whale of a Time”

  1. Val Says:

    You blog is fine … as you get more confident with it you will be able to make changes to suit you. I am not sure why each pic or step is coming up in a new post. You should be able to do it all in one.. This way will be a pain for people wanting to leave you messages..
    When you do a new post there should be a bar along the top that allows you to add text then add a pic or a link and so on. Once you are done with your whole blog post then save…. I am on blogger so not sure if this is different. I signed up to follow anyway so we will soon find out. Love this layout by the way 😀

  2. magicalmagpie Says:

    Thanks Val, I tried posting two photos at once yesterday and it lost the first photo, so I made a new post for each photo, and noticed also that you have to do things backwards, starting with the last photo you want to upload, surely this is something I am doing wrong. Was thinking what a pain. I will keep on trying and see what different options come up and go from there! Thanks so much appreciate your help! xxx

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